"This has been a tremendous life lesson for me and I highly recommend working with Pericles to anyone seeking a better relationship with the flow of Abundance & Prosperity."

- Hagit Worona - Artist


"I have been receiving coaching from Pericles for years and have never felt more empowered around finances as a result. When I first received coaching, I was lucky if I paid my bills on time. With Pericles' coaching, I not only have a context of abundance and prosperity to live into, I also have tools to manage my finances in a way that money just tends to miraculously appear and I no longer punish myself when I make a mistake in the area of finances. There is no person I could recommend more highly for any type of coaching and particularly coaching around money".

- Dawn Cushman - Attorney


“To say he's enrolling, inspiring, and a master coach is an understatement. I could really get effusive, but you get the point.”

- Ben Tolpin - Actor

“This is a fast, easy, clear way to improve your financial situation in ALL areas. I have continued to use them over the last 10 years. I HIGHLY recommend these courses. Well worth the investment.”

- Tiffany Haley Ferrari - Business Owner

"I am excited and wowed by my own accomplishment. I can go on vacation without a concern about money. I am completely set up to win and, in fact, I am winning. Thank you so much."

- Gayle Goldman - Business Owner

“I have had the great honor of attending one of [Pericles’] coaching seminars a few years ago...if this speaks to you in your life right now - he can make a difference!”

- Debbie Turner Blocker

“I promise this is the best money you will ever spend, you will learn SO much about money, your spending habits, your belief systems around money and you will be amazed at how organized you will be and how easy it is to start saving money. I love sharing about it with people, because this course just made such a huge difference in my business and personal finances and as a single mom it feels really nice to know I can take care of my daughter all by myself and any child support I receive is actually bonus that I can put into a savings account for my daughter.”

- Nicole Stone - Business Owner

Pericles is a master when it comes to the understanding the flow and energy of money! After taking his class, I feel empowered about my choices and my finances - I am in such a better place. He has taken the fear out of money for me and showed me so many ways to save, understand and continue to refine how I look at my money and my future! I highly, highly recommend his expertise to anyone who is curious about their finances and beyond!

- Jen Borrow - Clinical Operations

“Pericles Rellas is hands down one of the best coaches I have ever had the honor of working with...do yourself a favor. Contact him. Tell him I sent you. I absolutely adore this man.”

- Durga McBroom - Singer

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