Hello. My name is Pericles Rellas. I am a prosperity coach who has worked with tens of thousands of people to live lives of power, purpose and prosperity.

Almost 25 years ago I noticed that my business clients exhibited what I now call a ‘condition’ around money. Regardless of how much more they made, their situation and experience around money remained the same - stress, anxiety, dread and just treading water or being behind. I set out to understand why and how to transform this condition. Thus the birth of Abundance & Prosperity. There are a myriad of coaches who are great at helping you make more money. I am one of the few who actually works with you to not only create powerful (and empowering) structures to manage the flow of money in your life, but also to transform your relationship to money. By combining these to approaches, it allows you to create and HAVE the experience of Abundance & Prosperity in your life right now. All while maintaining your personal spiritual path. It is not about working harder or more - it’s about your relationship to money.

It is not an easy task, the topic of money never is, and each person’s results vary, but it is one that can reward you for the rest of your life. Just see what my past clients have to say.

Making a difference in the world by coaching others to live lives of Abundance & Prosperity is my life’s purpose. If you wish to know more, I invite you to register for my FREE Abundance & Prosperity masterclass where I reveal the 4 Keys my clients use to create financial Abundance & Prosperity in their lives. Just click the link below to register. It just might be the most valuable 40 minutes of your life.

See you on the other side,

- Pericles Rellas

Abundance & Prosperity Masterclass

The 4 Keys My Clients Use To Create Abundance & Prosperity In Their Lives That Grows And Lasts – without compromising their spiritual path!


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